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Product Type: Hoodie
Color: black
Material: 100% cotton

Black "KAELIS" Logo Art hoodie. High quality full color digital printing


Color: Black

    Orders are delivered via Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telegrafos, S.A., S.M.E.


    Your order will be sent out as soon as all items are on stock. Items marked as “Available for immediate delivery” usually will be sent out within 24 hours. In order to wait for potentially missing stock, your order can be on hold for up to 4 weeks until all products are available. After those 4 weeks all available items will be sent out. Products not included need to be re-ordered.

    Spain: 2-5 days
    Europe: 3 - 8 days
    Rusia: from 9 days.
    America: 5 - 10 days.
    Asia: 6 - 12 days.


    Please pay attention to the condition of your delivery on its arrival. It can be opened while witnessed by the postman. Don’t accept any damaged or pre-opened packages – otherwise you accept the receipt of the undamaged delivery in silence (if in doubt, note the name of the postman or employee of shipping).


    • SPAIN
      100g - 500g: 5,95€
      500g - 1Kg: 8,60€
      1Kg - 2Kg: 9,05€
    • ZONE 1. Europe incluide Groenlandia
      100g - 500g: 11,10€
      500g - 1Kg: 17,50€
      1Kg - 2Kg: 25,40€
    • ZONE 2. Rest of Countries, except ZONE 3
      100g - 500g: 14,75€
      500g - 1Kg: 25,85€
      1Kg - 2Kg: 41,90€
    • ZONE 3. EEUU, Canada, Japan & New Zeland
      100g - 500g: 14,75€
      500g - 1Kg: 25,85€
      1Kg - 2Kg: 41,90€
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