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“SALVATION” videoclip recording blog

Our first single “Salvation” has finally been released on YouTube on October 6, which has come in the form of a self-produced videoclip directed by our talented Bethany In the video clip, a little bit of the band’s lore is presented along with scenes of the band playing the song. It was recorded within four different days in Diagonal3 since it required multiple scenes of all kind of sorts. In this blog, each recording day will be summarized to bring the band’s work closer to our fans.

28/8/21 – FIRST DAY. Since Beth is the director of the audio-visual production, it was decided that her individual scenes were to be recorded firstly so that she could be more involved in the production itself the rest of the days. She was stunningly made up by María Barragán, a very talented professional makeup artist from Seville, and also a close friend of the band. Tristan Ballard, another collaborator and great friend of the band, also did a great job being the cameraman.

12/9/21 – SECOND DAY. On the second day, all the full band scenes and the individual scenes of each member (except from Beth) were recorded. Dani, our drummer, came expressly from Murcia to participate, for which we are very grateful (We also had a great time off camera 😉). Our beloved friend Memphis Jiménez joined the collaborator group already formed by Tristan and María to help as a makeup artist, accomplishing personalized make-ups for each member. Additionally, Beth and our guitarist and growler Álvaro recorded their military scenes. We all had a great time in the studio.

18/9/21 – THIRD DAY. Beth was again beautifully made up by María Barragán to record the individual scenes where she appears golden. She did a breathtaking job on her own make-up studio, achieving a phenomenal characterization loyal to the band’s lore.

19/9/21 – FOURTH DAY. On the last recording day, María and our guitarist Carlos impersonated the Endars observing the upcoming events that will subject the galaxy. Right after that, our friends Pandora, Antonio, Ágata and Tristan participated in several extra scenes which were inspirated by the military knowledge of Tristan. We spent the day not only recording but also having a blast!

Thus, all the camera work ended, giving way to the post-production stage, fully carried out by Beth. Special thanks and acknowledgement to María Barragán, Tristan Ballard, Memphis Jiménez, Pandora Beck, Antonio Díaz and Ágata Millán for participating selflessly and being always there when the band needed help.

We hope that you liked the song and the video as we loved making it!

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