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EP "FAR GALAXY" Recording at Jotun Studio

We are very proud to announce that our opera prima “Far Galaxy”, has been successfully recorded at Jotun Studio by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. It is an EP consisting of 6 songs, 4 brand new symphonic metal tracks followed by an acoustic version of the homonym and an instrumental orchestral track.

Leo Peña -  Jotun Studio

The producer, Leo Peña, is a prolific musician who has worked with renowned local bands such as Vikingore, Pulso and Son of Sorrow. He has a deep comprehension of a band’s working procedure, so it has been very easy and a pleasure for us to record with him.

On the first recording day, our lead guitarist, Carlos Castrejón, recorded the main guitar tracks to establish a production guide for Leo. Right after that, on the second day, Carlos as well as Álvaro Montalbo, rhythm guitarist, recorded the rest of the guitars, including the solos and the acoustic tracks.

Manuel Barragán - Bass, symphonic orchestrations and chorals, backing vocals

On the third day of recording, the instrumental section was rapidly finished with Manuel Barragán playing the bass tracks. Since the orchestral arrangements were produced as MIDI tracks also by Manuel, Leo introduced them in the projects and carried out some corrections and improvements.

With the instrumental section finished, on the fourth day, our singer and frontwoman Bethany Neumann recorded successfully the main vocals and Álvaro, also the growl singer, recorded the guttural vocals. At this point, the EP is almost finished in the absence of choirs and final arrangements.

Directly from Murcia, our drummer Daniel Simón recorded the drum tracks and sent them to Leo, which efficiently introduced them in the projects. Thanks to Daniel’s different musical background, a fresh and modern essence was given to the album.

Daniel Simón - Drums

The following recording day was very special because we had the pleasure of recording choirs and backing vocals with María Barragán from Light Among Shadows, and Memphis Jiménez from Pinball Wizard. They are not only amazing and very talented singers but also wonderful people who sharing studio time with is an incredible experience. We are very grateful for having their stunning voices in our album.

Finally, Álvaro and Manuel recorded the final male backing vocals to close the EP successfully and give way to the mix and mastering stage.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to Vanessa “NaNe”, co-producer vocal, coral vocal composer, backing vocals in all the album and vocal coach. Having more than 14 years of experience in vocal coach and production, this great vocalist has raised several successful and talented vocalists, such as our singer Bethany. The backing vocals have been recorded by Vanessa at GG Vocal Studios (Madrid), during the second half of 2020.

We are very grateful for having had this incredible studio experience and we are eager to release our first work “Far Galaxy”. All of this couldn’t have been possible without the excellence of the producer Leo Peña, who has understood our project perfectly and has been capable of achieving the sound that we were seeking.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project and we hope all of you love “Far Galaxy” as we loved making it happen!



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